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ProLace function list
ProLace is the full featured Embroidery Design & Punching System, which is useful for all design & punching  tasks. With ProLace you can produce Sketches and Technical Embroidery Designs and you can directly punch the designs for Schiffli- and Multihead machines.

Below you can find a list with all commands, which are available in the ProLace Embroidery Design & Punching System.

File administration, Setup, Plotting and Zoom
NEW - Create a new design
OPEN - Open an existing design
QSAVE - Save a design to disk
SAVEAS - Save a design under a new name
END - Terminate the program
SETUP - Initialize a design
THREADS - Manage threads used in the design (V4)
NEEDLES - Manage needles used in the design (V4)
INSERTOBJ - Insert a scanned image
FORMATS - Setup paper format
PLOT - Plot a design
U / Undo - Undo a command
REDO - Recover the previously undone command
PAN - Move the actual view
ZOOM - Modify the size of the design on the display
Real-time Zoom and Pan
VPORT Divides the screen in 2 windows (V3.5)

Design functions
ARC3P Design of a single arc object (V3.5)
PARC - Polyline starting with a 3 point arc
PARCDIR - Polyline starting with an arc defined with a direction
PLINE - Polyline, starting with a straight segment
DROP – Design a shape like a drop (V2)
CIRRAD - Circle, defined by radius
CIR2P - Circle, defined by 2 points
CIR3P - Circle, defined by 3 points
LINE - Single lines
POLYGON - Reglar polygon
SKETCH - Freehand lines
TEXT - Insert text

Editing functions
ERASE - Erase selected objects
MOVE - Move selected objects
PARALLEL - Construct a parallel line to an object
FAN - Polylines between reference lines (V3)
MIRROR - Mirror selected objects
ROTATE - Rotate selected objects
SCALE - Change the size of objects
COPY - Copy selected objects
COPYM - Multiple copies of selected objects
POLARRAY - Polar copy of selected objects
RECARRAY - Rectangular copy of selected objects
COPYMIR - Copy, scale and mirror objects
COPYROT - Copy, scale and rotate objects
DRAWREP - Copy objects to the repeat
COPYALOV - Copy for an allover
STRETCH - Stretch points of objects
TRIM - Trim elements to a boundary
EXTEND - Extend elements to a boundary
LENGTHEN - Edit length of polylines, lines and arcs (V3.5)
JOIN - Join elements in their corners
BREAK - Erase a part of an object
CUT - Break an object apart
PLEDIT - Edit polylines
PLMAKE - Join elements to a polyline
PLCONV - Change the direction of polyline
PLWIDTH - Change the width of polylines and circles
SPLINE - Lay a spline through vertices
DDMODIFY - Change the characteristics of objects
XCOLOR - Change the element color
TOFRONT - Bring an object on top
TOBACK - Bring an object to back
 Layers and settings
DDLMODES - Manage layers
TOVIEW - Switch layer groups
LS - Activate layer
LX - Change the layer of an element
DDRMODES - Adjust settings of drawing aids
DDGRIPS - Adjust grips
DDSELECT - How to adjust entity selection
Parametric embroidery macros
MFLOWER - Construct a flower with parameters
MBORDER - Construct a border with parameters
Stitch estimation
COUNTSTI - Calculate number of stitches
Modify embroidery effects
MODIFY - Modify embroidery effects
UPDATE - Update stitches of embroidery effects
DELEMB - Delete embroidery effects
DENSITY - Change the density of a design
RESET - Clean registry and embroidery objects (V3.5)
REFRESH - Check and refresh embroidery objects (V4)
DELPUNCH Delete punch, but not design (V3.5)
EXPLORE - Embroidery explorer (V4)
Construction aids
LIST - Display the properties of an element
DIST - Measure the distance between points
ELENGTH - Determine the length of an element
DIMLINEAR - Insert a dimension
AUXLIN - Auxiliary lines
HHORI - Horizontal auxiliary lines
HVERT - Vertical auxiliary lines
HGEN - Rotated auxiliary lines
HPERP - Auxiliary line, perpendicular to another line
HGRID - Auxiliary grid
HFLOWER - Construct aid for flowers

Filling effects
PATFILL - Fill an area with an effect
ARCFILL - Fill an area with arcs
AREAFILL - Fill area with a color
BPOLY - Design a polyline around an areas
CHAIN2P - Arrange 2 point blocks along a polyline
CHAINC - Arrange center blocks along a polyline
MANSTI - Design single stitches manually

Blocks library
LIBMAN - Block library manager
INSERT - Insert blocks from the library
DDINSERT - Insert other blocks
DEFBLOCK - Defining a new block
BLOCKNR - Count number of blocks
DDATTE - Attribute editing

Embroidery automatic functions

SEDGE, DEDGE - Single respectively double edge
GEDGE - Single edge with inclination lines (V3)
WIGGLE - Design wiggle stitches
BLATTSTI - General rotated blatt stitch
DBLATT - Divided Blattstitch (V2)
CIRBLATT - Round blatt stitch with hole
BORPAD - Abbohr-effect
DOT - Design blatt stitch dots
STAR - Design star dots
FNODE - Design a french node (V3)
GEFLECT - Construct a rotated geflect
CGEFLECT - Fill area with curves (V2)
PGEFLECT - Construct a parallel geflect
STEP - Step stitches
HOEHL - Construct bored holes
STEFFEL - Design a bored steffel
GBORER, CBORER, RBORER, EBORER, DBORER - Embroider round holes with different shapes (V2)
ZUCHOLE - Construct a zuchole
PICO - Design lock / join stitches
UNDER - Underlayers (V2)
CUNDER - Underlayers on Edge or polyline objects (V3.5)
SETDEF - Save and Read embroidery parameters

Punching (available only in ProLace)

TURNS - Manually punching and connecting embroider elements NP - Needle programming
OUTPUT - Write stitch data in various formats (SLC, SHC,...)
INPUT - Read stitch data for editing