Press Release: V2003011
Patrina Mak
3 Jalan Mata Ayer
Singapore 759150
31 January 2003

Successful THAI-GATE 2003 Exhibition

For the Embroidery Connection the Thai-Gate 2003 from 17th to 20th January 2003 at the Impact Exhibition Centre, Bangkok, Thailand was a full success, even if the show was much smaller as the previous one and could not fulfill the expectations of most exhibitors.

Mr Dieter Muller, Mr Andy Medik and Mr Gunter Heinzle, directors of the Embroidery Connection well organized individual discussions and group demonstrations in the show. Almost all Thailand customers visited the booth and one of them had shown interests to purchase a new license of ProLace.

Customers received a FREE CD with the ProLace manual in Thai language as a present. Two potential customers visited the booth unexpectedly and requested an appointment for a full demonstration in their office, an offer of ProLace has been issued right after the demonstration.

Mr. Dieter Müller said: "To build up a long term relationship is not easy." He said a director of a Thailand company he knew for a long time, he purposely visited the booth asking for an offer of ProLace, ProDrive and the punching class. He felt surprise and glad.

"We claim this show was a success engine to tune up the market of Thailand and to maintain a good relation with our customers." Andy Medik said. He added they will inform our customers about our progress and activities in Thailand.

The Embroidery Connection announced that a branch office of The Embroidery Connection will be opened in Thailand soon.

Thank you for your participation and we wish to see you in our next exhibition soon.