Press Release: V1998012
Patrina Mak
Marketing Manager
3 Jalan Mata Ayer
Singapore 759150

12 September 1998

AllCAD takes over support for Casati DS90

AllCAD Technologies Limited is a developer of CAD applications, who is offering targeted solutions and services for the Embroidery Industry.
In September 1998, AllCAD announced that they are fully taking over the support for Casati DS90 systems due to the fact that Casati stopped engagement in Embroidery Design and Punching
"We will support our valuable customers and provide them technical & system services to ensure, that they can continue utilizing Casati DS90 completely." said Dieter Müller, Director of AllCAD.

We will develop a function, which allows ProArt to read files, which were created with the Casati DS90 system. Therefore the customers will have full access to their collections of DS90 designs." said Patrina Mak, Marketing Manager of AllCAD.

About Casati DS90 – Casati DS90 was a popular Embroidery Design System, which was sold by Casati Carlo AG successfully to all parts of the world. DS90 is the predecessor of ProArt and was sold for 12 years from 1986 to 1998

About ProArt – ProArt is a user friendly and powerful design system. With ProArt, designers can simplify their procedures for creating their ideas. In addition, you can directly modify existing files in dwg and dxf format. A broad range of commands like scale, move, mirror, trim, extend, copy, rotate, etc. assist designers to realize extraordinary ideas. Excellent automatic programs, which can be used to design an infinite number of stitches and filling types, relieve the designer from the trouble preparation of technical embroidery designs.