Press Release: V2001040
Patrina Mak
Marketing Manager
3 Jalan Mata Ayer
Singapore 759150

12 October 2001

Successful Installation Tour in Turkey
Heinzle Embroidery AG Switzerland, a member of The Embroidery Connection successfully organized an installation tour in Turkey in September 2001.
First, Mr. Gunter Heinzle, CEO of Heinzle Embroidery AG Switzerland made a presentation for Narin, the 3rd biggest embroidery company in Turkey. Then Mr. Heinzle installed a demo version of ProArt and ProLace for one-month trial usage for our loyal customer Zorlu Brode due to their consideration of upgrading their old system. Finally Mr. Heinzle installed 2 ProLace systems for the new customer Bursa-Punch. They just set up a new design & punching studio and Mr. Heinzle also provided 7 days of training for them.

"It was a very successful tour through Turkey. I had a very nice dinner with our customers which really built up and extend our relationship." said by Mr. Gunter Heinzle, CEO of Heinzle Embroidery AG Switzerland.

About The Embroidery Connection (EC) - EC mainly provide complete solutions and services of superior value to embroidery design and punching systems. A wide product range about the embroidery design & punching systems - ProLace and ProArt, Heinzle Embroidery Library Book, Casati CPS90, Casati Card Simulator, EAS Card Simulator and support for all these products.

About Heinzle embroidery AG, Switzerland –Is a Swiss company who is able to offer extensive service for Schiffli and Multihead embroidery. Services included are: Library of punched samples, new creations (sketches), technical drawings, punch cards for all systems, Saurer <-> Plauener Card conversion, punching training etc.