Press Release: V2003039

Patrina MAK
Marketing Manager

28 December 2003

Two Embroidery Punching Classes held at the EC Embroidery School in Thailand

The Embroidery Connection proudly organized their Basic and Advanced Punching Classes at the Asian Embroidery School in November and December 2003 respectively. Six students from India and Thailand praised the classes as the best they ever attended.

The classes were conducted on Schiffli embroidery and included basics about embroidery machines, designing & punching, as well as computer-aided punching systems. The learned the traditional punching process with huge punching boards and the new punching trend using computer punching systems such as ProLace.

Students were happy that they could also handle an embroidery machine. They learned how to fill shuttles, how to maintain the machine, how to run embroidery orders with ProDrive (a digital solution for mechanical automat embroidery machines).

“We had although one student without any experience in Schiffli embroidery, however, she quickly picked up the Schiffli punching skills with ProLace.” Günter Heinzle, the trainer of the EC punching class, said.

In the classes, Günter first allowed his students to start designing an image for 15 to 20 minutes on their own. Then he demonstrated how to design the same image in the proper way. Next the students could correct their original designs with the newly acquired knowledge. A discussion session followed where students shared their problems and made further enquiries to improve their skills. Last but not least the students produced their own artwork on the embroidery machine.

“As a designer, I need to know how to work together with punchers. I must also know about the differences between Multihead and Schiffli embroidery. I have no experience in Schiffli, but I want to learn Schiffli Embroidery in order to embark myself to a better career.” Patel Toral said, an Indian student in the EC punching class.
She also said that the class was expensive, but it was worth as the training had exceeded her expectations and she knew it is an investment for her “Long Term Future”.

The success of both punching classes encourages the EC to continue to share their knowledge, skills and expertise to students all over the world. The next class punching classes are scheduled for May and June 2004. We invite everyone who wants to give his punching skills a boost!

About EC - The Embroidery Connection is a co-operation of 3 independent companies with the goal to offer their customers a wide range of products & services in the Embroidery Industry. Members are AllCAD Technologies Ltd., Hong Kong, Heinzle embroidery AG, Switzerland and Interservices Medik, Austria.

About AllCAD – AllCAD is a developer of CAD applications offering targeted solutions and services for the Embroidery Industry. The company, based in Hong Kong, with development in Austria and with Support Centers in Switzerland, Austria, Singapore and Columbia, is specialized in development of Embroidery Design and Punching Systems. AllCAD provides various services ranging from installation over system training on their products to consultancy.

About Heinzle Embroidery AG, Switzerland – Heinzle Embroidery AG is a Swiss company which offers extensive services for Schiffli and Multihead embroidery. Services include: Design Library of punched designs, new creations (sketches), technical drawings, punching training.

About Interservices Medik, Austria – The Company is based in Austria and offers the ProDrive Servo System, the ProSim Card Simulator, the ProCut Card Cutter etc. Interservices Medik also provides the full service range for these products including installation, support, service, training and consultancy.