Press Release: V2006121

22 December 2006

New ProArt & ProLace Version 3 released!

Flower with new Farmer BlattstitchAllCAD Technologies Ltd. proudly released Version 3 of its flagship products ProArt & ProLace. "After almost 2 years of development are we happy, that we can present ProArt & ProLace 3 to our valuable customers, who gave us the necessary feedback to make it even more user friendly and powerful. Their experiences and recommendations were the base for all new developments." said Mr. Muller, Director of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.

"Many new features have been add and existing functions have been improved and optimized. They help to save Valuable Time and Money!" Mr. Muller added.

The highlight of this new version is the Farmer Blattstitch and Farmer Geflect, which enable the designer and puncher to construct intertwined effects mainly used in floral designs.

New construction aids and automatic programs become available with ProLace 3. You get for example new programs to construct Single Edges, French Nodes and polyline arrays.

Also many existing automatic stitches have been improved and optimized. So for example is it possible now to arrange objects and modules with different start- and end-sizes along polylines, new underlayer types and also a search function become available.

"Now we wish you a Happy and Successful New Year 2007 with the new ProLace Version 3!" Mr. Muller said at the end of his speach.

About AllCAD – AllCAD is a developer of CAD applications offering targeted solutions and services for the Embroidery Industry. The company based in Hong Kong, with development in Thailand and with Support Centers in Switzerland, Colombia, India and Thailand is specialized in development of Embroidery Design and Punching Systems. AllCAD provides various service ranges from installation over system training on their products to consultancy.