Press Release: V2008062

1 August 2008

Successful Installation and Promotion Tour to Europe and Turkey

In June and July AllCAD Technologies visited embroidery companies and design & punching studios in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey.

On this tour Mr. Dieter Müller, Director of AllCAD Technologies Ltd., visited designers, punchers and manufacturers in Istanbul, Lustenau (Austria),
St. Gallen (Switzerland) and around Gallarate in Italy. He showed the new ProView 2 Embroidery Simulator and the latest ProArt & ProLace 3.5.
“Companies realized immediately the value of the new ProView 2 what directly resulted in orders.  Three customers upgraded their systems with ProView 2 and two customers with the new ProLace 3.5 version.” Mr. Müller said.

About AllCAD – AllCAD is a developer of CAD applications offering targeted solutions and services for the Embroidery Industry. The company, based in Hong Kong, with development in Austria and with Support Centers in Switzerland, Austria, Thailand and Columbia, is specialized in development of Embroidery Design and Punching Systems. AllCAD provides various services ranging from installation over system training on their products to consultancy.

About ProArt & ProLace – ProArt is an Embroidery Design System, ProLace is a Combined Embroidery Design & Punching System. Both are based on CAD Technology. ProLace contains the complete command set of the popular ProArt Embroidery Design System. Therefore you can create perfect designs and punch them, but you can also punch directly on scanned images. With ProLace you can work directly on ProArt designs. The puncher only has to punch underlayers and has to define how to connect the embroidery elements, produced by the designer.

About ProView 2 – ProView 2 is a program that generates 3D simulates of ProArt or ProLace designs in a separate window. It helps the puncher to navigate in the design, to observe the punching progress and to see the effects of color change and needle programming. Unique is that ProView 2 is also capable to simulate embroidery from a design, which is not yet punched!