Press Release: V2012031

28 March 2012

The new ProView 3 can show Advanced Techniques like
Soutache, Cord and Laser/Thermo Cut

With the release of the new ProView 3, which is now capable to show also advanced embroidery techniques like Soutache, Cord and Laser/Thermo Cut, AllCAD Technologies Ltd. underlined it's position as pace maker and technology leader for embroidery design and punching tools for the schiffli market.
"Like ProView 2 also ProView 3 is of course capable to create images from a designs, which is not yet punched. This feature makes ProView 3 to an indispensable tool not only for the puncher, but also for the marketing & sales department." said Mr. Muller, Director of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.
"It enables embroiderers to create perfect images of a design at a very early stage of the development. This will save valuable time, because only designs, approved by the customer, will be passed to the punching department and finally be sampled."
Mr. Muller added.

ProView 3 produces high quality photorealistic 3D simulations of embroidery designs, which can be used as sales & marketing tools.
ProView 3 Highlights:
Bitmap images can be used to show 2 different fabrics
Masks define the Cutting Edge and Thermo Cut areas.
It can display Sequins.
It can also show Soutache, Cord and Fancy Threads.
The larges possible repeat is 240/4.
Designs with up to 524000 turns are supported.

"ProView 3 is an indispensable companion for all ProArt & ProLace designers and punchers!" Mr. Muller stated at the end of his speech.

About AllCAD – AllCAD is a developer of CAD applications offering targeted solutions and services for the Embroidery Industry. The company based in Hong Kong, with development in Thailand and with Support Centers in Switzerland, Colombia, India and Thailand is specialized in development of Embroidery Design and Punching Systems. AllCAD provides various service ranges from installation over system training on their products to consultancy.