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2 February 2013
4th Embroidery Design Workshop at the
Shih Chien University for Fashion Design and Merchandising

AllCAD Technologies Ltd. in co-operation with the Shih Chien University for Fashion Design and Merchandising in Kaohsiung, Taiwan organized the 4th workshop for Computer Aided Embroidery Design for the young generation of Fashion Designers.

°We can already look back to 3 successful workshops and with every workshop we learn and try to make things better. This year we focused on the Creativity and started the workshop with a Field Trip to the University Campus and the surrounding area with the objective that the students can get inspiration for their designs, which they had to make later on in the workshop.° said Mr. Dieter Müller, CEO of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.
°Another change was the early Field Trip to Wear Shine Lace to give them already at the start a better picture of Embroidery, Embroidery machines, the production process and the influence of all this on the designs.
We added also a Basic Punching Lesson to give them a complete picture of the whole design development process.° Mr. Müller added


Mr. Dieter Müller was lecturer of the workshop, assisted by Ms. Mei Lin, Senior Fashion Designer and Professor at the Shih Chien University.
36 students participated and Mr. Müller was fascinated by their motivation, talent and determination.

After two weeks of hard work could we proudly present the embroidery samples of the 3 students, who achieved the highest grade at the Final Presentation of the workshop.
We had two winners Ginger Hsieh (left) and Shih Rong Chang (middle), followed by Huang Wan Rou (right).

Under those present were Mr. Joseph Chang from Unitex Material Corp. Kaohsiung, who had the idea for this workshop, Mr. James Chen, Win Beauty Co. Ltd. Tainan, Mr. Eddie Wang, Hana Fashion, Tainan and last but not least Ms. Connie and Ms. Angela from Liberty Tex, Tainan.

We had also a prominent visitor from Japan! Mr. Hashimoto, a famous Embroidery Designer from Japan, spoke to the audience and gave the students valuable advise for their future work and showed them his latest creations.

°Now I wish the students all the best for their future careers as Fashion Designers or maybe as Embroidery Designers, and I hope they could achieve some valuable knowledge for their professional work." Mr. Muller stated at the end of his speech.

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