Press Release: V2014031

31 March 2014
Comerio F1 format now available in ProLace Versions 4.5 and 5

Comerio was one of the leading Embroidery Machine Manufacturers and there are still many Comerio machines running with card.


"The Comerio F1format was the most important machine format in the North Italian embroidery center around the city of Gallarate. For this reason there is a huge amount of embroidery designs sleeping in the archives of the Italian embroidery factories. Now these valuable archives will become available for our ProLace users." said Mr. Muller, Director of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.

"ProLace cannot only read the F1 format, it can also write the format, what is important for all embroiderers with card cutters, which accept only the Comerio F1 format." Mr. Muller added

On the left side can you see the first F1 design, which could be successfully read into ProLace.
The photorealistic simulation was generated with ProView 2.
As you can see is ProView 2 also capable to simulate complex borer areas correctly.

"The Comerio F1format is standard in ProLace Version 5. ProLace 4.5 users can update their version with the F1 format." Mr. Muller

 If you have a question please don't hesitate to send a message to Mr. Muller at

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