Press Release: V2016021

16 February 2016
ProArt & ProLace Version 5.5 released

AllCAD Technologies Ltd. proudly announces the launch of Version 5.5 of it's ProArt & ProLace Combined Design & Punching software. "Based on the feedback from our valued clients and from numerous presentations and customer trainings amazing new features for Designers as well as for Punchers have been added." stated Mr. Muller, CEO of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.


"AllCAD Technologies Ltd. is committed to innovation. AllCAD not only tries to improve existing technology, it always looks for new ways to do things." said Mr. Muller
"Also ProLace 5.5 is no exception! With this new program Version AllCAD introduces the new and revolutionary Branch concept, which lifts the punching process to another level." added Mr. Muller

A Branch is a ProLace Function which can be inserted at any position of an automatic stitch and enables the puncher to insert a design detail before continuing with the automatic stitch. This has the advantage that automatic stitches don't have to be divided in 2 in order to insert a sequence of stitches or design objects.

"This release will satisfy all users, designers as well as punchers." said Mr. Muller.
"Designers will embrace the construction aids for step stitch fills, punchers and designers will love the many new stitch effects and punchers will be happy about the new editing features." Mr. Muller added.

Please click here if you want to get a detailed description  of all new features found in ProArt & ProLace Version 5.5.

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