Press Release: V2017011

6 January 2017
ProCreativ, AllCAD's new low cost Embroidery Sketching & Drafting Solution

"AllCAD Technologies Ltd. is well known for its flagship Embroidery Design & Punching solutions ProArt & ProLace. Now we are proud to launch the new ProCreativ, which is an inexpensive but full featured Embroidery Sketching & Drafting solution." stated Mr. Muller, CEO of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.


"ProCreativ enables designers to draw directly with a Stylus on a Windows Tablet Computer or on a Pen-Display like the WacomŪ Cintiq, Pen-displays are also available with a display size of up to 27 Inch." said Mr. Muller

"If a designer draws directly with computer and pen the time consuming scanning and tracing of the hand sketch can be avoided.
ProCreativ translates the pen movements directly into useful polylines." added Mr. Muller

"The advantage of the computer over sketching by hand on paper are the many powerful tools which are at the disposal of the designer.
So is it anytime possible to refresh the right and left copy of the sketch to check how the design connects with the repeat. No copy machine, scissor and glue are required.
All tools are specially designed for the requirements of the embroidery designer. Among them you can find a tool to define the parameters of an Allover and to fill the whole fabric height with copies of the so called rang.
Other tools help the designer to fill an area with curves and patterns. Areas can easily be filled with solid colors and the polyline width can be defined to represent Edge stitches." stated Mr. Muller

"It is AllCAD's objective to offer most efficient design solutions where information is added step by step, without unnecessary retracing or processing of the design again and again.
ProCreativ fits perfectly into this philosophy. All data can be passed to ProArt & ProLace and with just one click ProCreativ stitches can be converted to real punched stitches. No information gets lost, no unnecessary steps have to be performed." finished Mr. Muller

Please click here if you want to get a detailed description  of all new features found in ProArt & ProLace Version 5.5.

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