Press Release: V2019031

1 March 2019
20 years after its foundation, AllCAD Technologies launches ProLace Version 6

"It was always our goal to make ProLace as efficient as possible. Embroidery objects should be developed from simple outlines to ready stitch data by adding information in every phase, avoiding retracing the same object again and again like in other punching systems." stated Mr. Muller, CEO of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.
"Now, 20 years after foundation, we can proudly announce that we finally achieved this goal. The ProFamily can offer tools for every phase of design development, from sketching to punching. To close the missing gap, design-blocks and groups can be used from the very start of a design. Thanks to this new feature especially the development of allover designs becomes much easier and more efficient and the design size may be reduced significantly." said Mr. Muller


"The long awaited Borer programs have become available.
A program has been added to insert borer stitches to open a hole. Just the centre point, the corner points, the stitch distance and the borer size have to be defined." said Mr. Muller

"Also steffel and connected holes can be punched with automatic programs. Only the outlines of the borer area have to be constructed." added Mr. Muller

"New stitch effects have been added to existing programs and the Sequin handling has been optimized." stated Mr. Muller

"This were just a view highlights of this new version. If you need more detailed information or if you have questions please don't hesitate to contact me directly." finished Mr. Muller

Please click here if you want to get a detailed description  of all new features found in ProArt & ProLace Version 6.

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