Press Release: V2020031

1 March 2020
Borer and Chemical Lace designs consume much time!
The new ProLace Version 6.5 will help to reduce time and thus cost.

"The new block philosophy introduced with ProArt & ProLace 6 allows users already to work in the most efficient way. Together with many new automatic stitches ProLace 6 became the undisputed number one among the Schiffli Embroidery Design & Punching systems." stated Mr. Muller, CEO of AllCAD Technologies Ltd.
But this was no reason for AllCAD Technologies Ltd. to slow down development. The opposite is the case! Already one year after the release of Version 6 the new Version 6.5 becomes available. The focus of this version was on Underlay for Borer and Chemical Lace as well as on other automatic programs for Chemical Lace." said Mr. Muller


"At the moment Cotton Borer designs are very trendy. To help our customers to reduce cost AllCAD Technologies Ltd. introduced already with Version 6 powerful automatic programs for many borer situations." continued Mr. Muller

" Now with Version 6.5 also the underlay stitches can be generated automatically, what is another important step forward to reduce the development cost of Borer designs and Chemical lace designs.
Apart from automatic programs for Underlay stitches, many new programs have been added like Nets for Chemical Lace, programs to design and punch connectors for Chemical Lace and many more." said Mr. Muller

"This was just a short summary of the highlights of this new version. If you would like to get more detailed information please don't hesitate to contact me directly." finished Mr. Muller

Please click here if you want to get a detailed description  of all new features found in ProArt & ProLace Version 6.5

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