Press Release: V2002069
Patrina Mak
3 Jalan Mata Ayer
Singapore 759150
7 October 2002

The Embroidery Connection at the BUR-TEX 2002, Bursa, Turkey

The Embroidery Connection successfully participated in the 1st BUR-TEX 2002, (International Bursa Textile Machinery, Chemicals and Laboratory Equipments Exhibition) located at the Trade Convention Centre BUTTIM - Bursa, Turkey from 4th to 8th of September 2002. Representatives and manufacturers brought their textile machinery, chemicals and laboratory equipments to run live demonstration; therefore, visitors and exhibitors have commented BUR-TEX 2002 as a Mini ITMA

.We are glad that we could distribute more than 600 brochures of
ProLace, embroidery design & punching system, ProArt, embroidery design system, ProDrive, a servo control kit for embroidery machines, ProSim, a 3D simulation software, The Heinzle Embroidery Library, a library with ready-made embroidery designs including stitch data, and CPS2000, stitch editing system.
After the exhibition we issued more than 30 offers to many companies. We forecast that the future development in Turkey will be tremendous and we endeavor to participate in more events in Turkey in the upcoming future.

Thank you for your visiting our booth at Bursa. We hope to see you soon in the Real ITMA 2003 at Birmingham, England