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ALLCAD Technologies
AllCAD is a leading developer of Windows based embroidery design and punching tools for schiffli machines. The company offers a complete set of integrated products for embroidery design, drafting and punching.

Mission Statement
AllCAD is committed to providing solutions of superior value to ensure our clients' success.

Industries Served
AllCAD offers targeted solutions for the Embroidery Industry. Embroidery clients include companies, offering services for the Embroidery Industry and manufacturing companies serving this market.

Competitive Strategy
AllCAD’s competitive strategy is to provide complete solutions, which satisfy the following criteria:
Scalable Capable of meeting the needs of any size project, large or small
Cost effective Easy to use, rapid to deploy, modular licensing, low maintenance cost.
Flexible suitable for all product development tasks
Open built on Industry Standard Personal Computers running with WindowsXP or WindowsVista.

The first competitive priority is to promote its flagship products ProArt & ProLace, which are fully integrated Embroidery Design and Punching Systems. With this products AllCAD is capable to offer solutions for all embroidery development tasks.

Second, AllCAD has recently released ProView 2, a powerful Embroidery Viewer, which allows to optimize the whole design development.

Third, AllCAD is working with key customers and punchers to develop a strategy that allows AllCAD solutions to meet the needs of the single user, workgroup and enterprise.

Geographic Markets
In fiscal 2007, sales in Europe accounted for 35% and Asia/Pacific accounted for 65% of the revenues.