Press Release: V2002068
Patrina Mak
3 Jalan Mata Ayer
Singapore 759150
5 July 2002

New Product - ProDrive, a digital system for embroidery machines

InterservicesInterservices Medik, a member of the Embroidery Connection, proudly launched a new product, ProDrive.
ProDrive is a complete digital solution for mechanical automat embroidery machines. It helps to provide a better product quality, increases the productivity and integrates the machine in a computerized embroidery development environment by replacing the automat with computer motor control system.

ProDrive contains a 4-axis control system for the main drive, the two frame axis and for the borer. The powerful AC servo motors guarantee an exact movement of the frame in order to improve the quality of the embroidery product. With ProDrive, no card readers/cutters nor card simulators are required. The whole automate will be replaced.

ProdriveProDrive is a time & cost saver. It gives you a fast ROI (Return on Investment) due to its excellent price. ProDrive is not only a user-friendly system after installation, it also can be installed easily by oneself.

For further information about ProDrive please go or email to Mr. Andy Medik

About Interservices Medik, Austria – A member of the Embroidery Connection, is based in Austria and offers the CPS2000 editing system, Card Simulators, Card Cutters/Readers etc. InterServices Medik also provides the full service range for these products including installation, repair and maintenance, training and consultancy.

About ProDrive – ProDrive is a complete digital solution for embroidery machines. ProDrive is also a modular system, which converts your embroidery machines from an automat-controlled machine to a computer-controlled machine. ProDrive guarantees reduced standstill times of the machine due to easier and shorter maintenance. It runs with a personal computer plus simple electronic & mechanical modules in order to provide a smoother and more reliable production.