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ProDrive is a modular, Digital Servo Control System for integrated drive requirements with 3 resp. 4 servo axes (Frame X, Frame Y, Maindrive and Borer). This product has been developed for world wide application and meets the most important international standards and regulations.
Master module
The main computer in the master module manages the parameters for the complete system and communicates with the inverter modules as well as with the SPS (stored program system), located within the master module.
Inverter module
Each axis has allocated a inverter module with the corresponding output. The inverter modules are protected against overcurrent and are short circuit-proof. Data communication between the master module and inverters are carried out via a internal bus system.
AC- Servomotors
The powerful AC-servo motors are specially suited for the requirement of embroidery machines and reknown for their reliability, high dynamic ratio, high peak load allowance, small size and low moment of inertia as well as very low maintenance. The integrated inverter is well protected. Furthermore the permanent magneto spring activated break guarantees for continuous positioning of the machine, even when the machine is turned-off.
Operator control panel
The operator uses a mobile ergonomic hand-held control element to call-up embroidery orders, cancel orders, rolling, X/Y-movement of the frame as well as rotation of the main shaft with a defined speed.

Easy and simple parameter settings
The following machine parameters can be set by the operator:
" Activation points of machine tools.(0°..359°)
" Zero point of the machine
" Start- and Endpoint of frame movement
" Max. and Min. speed
" Speed setting for low speed
" Normal speed (fast speed)
" Parameter for speed reduction with long stitches

Monitoring System
The frame X/Y movement is monitored by 8 limit switches.
The position of the servo motors is monitored by the inverter modules. In case of malfunction, the last (actual) turn is immediately filed (saved). The error message is displayed on the PC-terminal.

Data administration
A standard PC is used. Communication via serial interface (resp. RS485) with the master module. The ProDrive operator software is based on SUSE Linux. The system software is an integrated part of ProDrive.
Control of tools
Manual control of tools is done on the terminal. Following tools can be manipulated:
Speed change, needle roll, blattstitch, tension, borer, borer depth, shuttle drive.

Speed of the embroidery machine can be set on the PC in steps of 5 turns.
A special software will reduce the speed automatically by a predetermined value when long stitches are carried out. This feature results in a very positive way for the quality of embroidery as well as for smooth movement of the machine (frame).

Graphic tools
" Administration of complex embroidery orders
" Graphic display during embroidery operation
" Variable zoom
" Display of embroidery infos
" Graphic editor

" Lässer / Saurer / Comerio / Hiraoka
Help programs
" Legend program
" Enlarge/reduce dessins
" System administration

All programs can be used during embroidery operation.