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ProSim is an attachment for embroidery machines witch can be mounted on every automatic machine and enables you embroidering to be carried out from modern electronic data media (floppy-disk, CD-ROM)

ProSim is available for Saurer as well as for Plauener embroidery machines. In both cases operation is in accordance with the same principle: The data of turns are read from an electronic data medium, converted to a code corresponding to the perforations of the card. With this code magnets in a compact magnet assembly are controlled and they directly drive the mechanism of the automat.

ProSim has been developed for world wide application and meets the most important international standards and regulations.
ProSim provides access to the following advantages
Reduction in the susceptibility to mechanical disturbance of the automatic machine
No big stock of cards
No copying of cards
Simple modification of designs
Easy transportation

Monitoring System
In case of malfunction, the last (actual) turn is immediately filed (saved). The error message is displayed on the PC-terminal.

Data administration
A standard PC is used. Communication via parallel interface with the master module. The ProSim operator software is based on SUSE Linux. The system software is an integrated part of ProSim.

Graphic tools
" Administration of complex embroidery orders
" Graphic display during embroidery operation
" Variable zoom
" Display of embroidery infos
" Graphic editor


" Lässer / Saurer / Comerio / Hiraoka

Help programs

" Legend program
" Enlarge/reduce dessins
" System administration

System requirements
Intel Pentium PC
minimum 256MB RAM
4GB free hard disc space
CD Rom
minimum graphics resolution 1024 x 768 dpi
Operating System: SUSE LINUX 8.X

All programs can be used during embroidery operation.