Heinzle embroidery AG
Berneckerstrasse 15
9434 Au, SG

Heinzle installed ProLace and joined The Embroidery Connection
to enlarge the business opportunities

The Heinzle embroidery AG, founded in 1999, is a Swiss company, which offers extensive services for Schiffli and Multihead Embroidery.
The Punching Manager cum The General Manager, Mr. Gunter Heinzle graduated from the Textile Technical College, Dornbirn - Austria. First he worked
for his family's company Heinzle Textiltechnik in Altach. From 1988 he was partner in the Heinzle-Strehler AG, where he worked as puncher but also as instructor for the Casati CPS90 Punching System.

In 1999 he opened his own design and punching studio Heinzle embroidery AG and he joined The Embroidery Connection together with InterService, Dieter Mueller Personal CAD/CAE Systems and AllCAD Technologies Limited in order to enlarge his business network in the embroidery world.

According to customer requests, Heinzle delivers technical embroidery designs or the stitch data of the punched designs in the desired format with and without samples. He offers also machine ready designs from his extensive collection of around 100 000 designs. Heinzle is also exclusive manufacturer of the badges of the MC-Club The Hells Angles.
At the beginning Heinzle used an ordinary CAD software to enlarge a sketch to a technical embroidery design in scale factor 1:6. The resulting paper design was put on the digitizer board of the Digiamat33 system for punching.

In March 2001 Heinzle joined The Embroidery Connection and started to use AllCAD's flagship product ProLace for design and punching. According to Mr. Gunter Heinzle's feedback, ProLace helped to reduce the time for design, punching and editing dramatically. "Now I can combine manual punching skills with the power of ProLace, the best punching system, to offer the optimal service to all my customers. I found ProLace is incredibly fast and the results are very good." said Mr. Gunter Heinzle. "I trust ProLace" Heinzle added.

Now-a-days, Heinzle embroidery AG is not only a customer who uses ProLace for punching, but Heinzle is also a valuable member of The Embroidery Connection. Together with the other members he promotes ProLace and his experience helps to make ProLace even better. In July 2001 Mr. Gunter Heinzle joined AllCAD on an installation trip throughout Asian. He provided intensive punching training to customers in Pakistan and Indonesia.