Nadalini Luigi, Punciatore
Via Canova, 2A
Gallerate, Italy
Tel.: +39 0331 794696

Luigi Nadalini installed ProArt 1.0 to improve the design process in his punching studio

Nadalini Luigi is an Italian company, offering embroidery design and punching services. They provide product design services as well as professional punching services for many famous fashion companies.
Luigi originally employed 2 professional designers. They worked out sketches and technical embroidery designs manually. In 1998 Luigi decided to purchase ProArt 1.0 from AllCAD Technologies Limited in order to improve the design process.

It was the 1st ProArt 1.0, which AllCAD delivered to an end user and Luigi found it is very useful and can save lots of time compared to manual design. "In using ProArt, designers can scan a handmade sketch, trace it and easily combine it with their own ideas to a new design." quoted Luigi.

After some time of practice, AllCAD provided a routine visit and gave additional training to Luigi's designers in order to ensure that all staff can use ProArt efficiently.

For the existing punching systems the designers have to print out the technical embroidery design with scale factor 1:6 or 1:3. Then Luigi or his sister punch it with a digitizer based computer punching system. Below Luigi and his sister demonstrate their professional punching skills on the punching system.

After the design has been punched, the result can be recorded on a floppy disk or for old mechanical machines they can also punch it on a card.

Now Luigi believes, that it is not a very efficient way to trace the design two times, the first time when the designer has to take over the sketch and the second time to punch the technical embroidery design. Therefore he considers to improve also the co-operation between designer and puncher with a new screen based computer punching system where no paper is needed anymore. ProLace 1.5 is one of the systems, which he takes in consideration and we are looking forward to serve him in the coming future.