Textilschule (HTL-Dornbirn)
Höchster Straße 73
6850 Dornbirn
The Textilschule installed 6 ProArt Workstations and started to use them
in the new syllabus in Winter 2000

Textilschule, a technical textile institute in Austria holds also an embroidery class. Since the beginning of the last century the Textilschule provides professional training for embroidery design and punching.

The students learn manual design and punching on a mechanical punching machine as well as design & punching with modern computer based systems.

The school is equipped with all generations of embroidery & punching machines for schiffli and multi head embroidery. Students find a perfect environment to practice their pre-professional skills.

For their professional training, the instructors provide theories & practical lessons as well as demonstrations. Students create their own design manually or with the computer, punch the design and produce it on the embroidery machine. That students fully understand punching problems, they start punching on mechanical machines, where they directly can observe the reaction of the material. Later they learn how to work with computer punching systems.

From the winter semester, Textilschule is using the six ProArt system for their design training.
In June 2001, Mr. Dieter Muller, Director & Ms. Patrina Mak, Marketing Manager of AllCAD presented their routine customer's visit to Textilschule. Mr. Muller also demonstrate the new upcoming ProLace (a combined Designing & Punching System) to Mr. Wohlgenannt. Meanwhile Mr. Wohlgenannt transferred the file, which was created with ProLace, to a card simulator and run it on the embroidery machine. "IT WORKS FINE!" quoted Mr. Wohlgenannt, Instructor of the Textilschule (HTL-Dornbirn).