Thomas Hubert Schneider
Tavernhofstrasse 14
6890 Lustenau

Thomas Schneider found ProLace is a very useful punching system
Thomas Schneider, a famous puncher in Europe, graduated from Austrian Textile School in 1978 and with 28 years professional punching experience in the embroidery industry. Thomas worked for Casati Carlo AG as a punching/designing trainer and controller for new punching machine CPS90, furthermore he also worked for Alobe company, accumulated various experiences from many countries. Recently, Thomas started his own business at Lustenau, the major embroidery center in Austria and he acquired ProLace to assist him in the professional punching service.

The new business is called Thomas Hubert Schneider offering designing & punching services, customer training and consultancy. In September of 2001, while Thomas still working for Alobe, he realized the generation of manual punching is fading. Therefore, he contact our technician Mr. Andy Medik, Director of InterServices Medik, Austria to consult his professional advise about punching system.

After 2 weeks discussion between Thomas and Andy, Thomas decided to change the traditional manual punching to ProLace. During the transactional period, Thomas still using table punching, CPS90 by Casati Carlo and ProLace by AllCAD together. Thomas has known that spare parts & repair technology like the special graphic card #9 are not available in the market.

Therefore, Thomas firstly decided to upgrade the CPS90 punching system from Unix to Linux. Secondly, Thomas also bought 1 system of ProLace and combining use in his professional punching.

After some time of practice, Thomas found ProLace is a very easy learn punching system. Thomas comments, "In my point of view, I think I need 2 weeks time to convert my skill from manual punch to computer punch." "ProLace is a user-friendly system, it based on window operation, I just only need to take a little bit time to learn the location of operation commands, that's all. Other skills are the same as I do it manually." Thomas added.

In March 2002, InterServices Medik provided a routine visit to Thomas Hubert Schneider and consulted Thomas' professional advises about ProLace. Patrina Mak, Marketing Manger of The Embroidery Connection also brought her big greetings from Asia to Europe and visited Thomas's new office. "I'm using ProLace very smooth & effective, after the system installation and 5 days system training provided by Andy, I don't have further questions up to now." said Thomas Schneider.
After the design has been punched, the result can be exported on a floppy disk in different formats for embroidery machines use. Alternatively, punched data can be exported on punch card for using in old mechanical machines. Now Thomas believes that it is a very convenience way to scan customers' designs and punch the professional designs on ProLace directly. He also would like provide his punching service to any kind of designs on embroidery market, because he thought with ProLace, there is no restriction for hand-made sketch, enlargement or 3D computer ready-made images. He can also use ProLace as an editor to amend already punched data smoothly.