Jan Lace & General Mills installed ProLace 1.5 and sent a technical staff
to Switzerland for 3 weeks intensive training

Jan Lace & General Mills is an embroidery manufacturer in Karachi, Pakistan. In July 2001, Jan Lace bought 1 license of ProLace from AllCAD. They realized how important punching skills are to fully take advantage of the powerful ProLace system. Therefore Jan Lace sent a technical staff, Mr. Aman Allawala, to Switzerland to attend 3 weeks of training, provided by Mr. Günter Heinzle of the Heinzle Embroidery AG Switzerland. The Heinzle Embroidery AG offers extensive services for Schiffli and Multihead Embroidery.

Mr. Allawala now is in Switzerland and started the intensive training provided by the Heinzle embroidery AG. Mr. Heinzle takes care for Mr. Allawala in every step of the training and he ensures that he will learn embroidery design & punching to use ProLace.

To enhance AllCAD customer services, Ms. Patrina Mak, Marketing Manager of AllCAD contacted Mr. Aman Allawala directly from Singapore. Patrina said : "According to the recent email response from Aman, there are few comments from Mr. Allawala which are listed below:"

I think ProLace is a very useful CAD System for embroidery design, punching and editing- The most comprehensive and useful I ever used so far. The new updates are great and very useful.
Training....? Well, its pretty intensive but very useful. A "MUST", I would say for all ProLace users. I recommend this training to all users. Definitely......! I could not have had this first on hands experience at home. To learn the little useful tips can only be done by the training I got here.
I have never seen a teacher so patient nor so informative!!

:Günter is a wonderful host as well, so I had no problem to adjust myself here for the 3 weeks stay.

I can feel from Aman's reply that he has some kind of stress, he fears that he will make many mistakes and break many needles. However, this is not a problem at all! It just takes some time. "From the experience of our tutors, once the customers get time to practice, they have no problems to utilize ProLace at all." said Mr. Günter Heinzle. "Aman, you are doing well." added Mr. Heinzle.