ProArt 1.0 Service Release k, Build 19.9.2000

The ProArt 1.0 Service Release k, build date 19.9.2000 is available now. This Service Release contains the following improvements:

Service Release k features:

Problem with Inclination lines solved
Edge problems solved
Last block distance in the Chain command saved
After calling up a Macro command, you get the parameters of the last command as default values.

Service Release features:
Undo problems fixed.
Join problems fixes.
Now you can switch from trim- to extend-mode and vice versa without leaving the Trim or Extend command.
Many minor bugs are also fixed with this release.

Service Release g and h features:

A 3 point circle can now be constructed with 3 tangents.
Improved Trim and Extend dialogs
Display of the design in scale 1:1, 1:3 and 1:6.
Further bug fixes.

Service Release i and j features:
A Steffel can now be drawn on arcs with more then 180°.
The horizontal filling effect works fine now.
Circles, the Polygon and the Ellipse can now be interrupted with Esc. In the
previous versions the system became instable.
Now you can Trim a circular edge.
A blatt stitch starts always with an inclination line of the type Fixed.
The Cut command will not be repeated automatically.
Symbols can be inserted into the library without problems.
New command AREAFILL to fill areas with a color.
A selection remains visible after the use of Real Time Zoom.
Service Release k contains all the features of all previous Service Releases. It can be ordered by E-Mail.