Press Release:

Patrina MAK
Marketing Manager

4 July 2003

Successful Introductory Class in the EC Embroidery School

The first introductory class was successfully held at 19th June 2003 at our Asian Embroidery School in Chonburi of Thailand.

Students from 3 different Thai embroidery companies came and experienced how to work with ProLace, a computer aided design & punching system. During this daily class, students learned by means of ProLace all necessary steps form the scanned image of a sketch to the machine ready design.

Our trainer, Sirichan spoke fluent Thai to make students easily understand the functions of ProLace. Students praised ProLace is a very user-friendly punching system and commented the Asian Embroidery School at Thailand is an advantage for Asian because of geographical factors. Students are also intending to join our formal class in September 2003; a demo-CD of ProLace has been given to them as reference.

Please call us on +66 38 225650 to get further information or please click here to find out more about the Asian Embroidery School.